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Why Are Custom Closets Skyrocketing in Popularity?

Custom closets are very popular. More homeowners are enlisting the help of a custom closet business to improve their closets. According to OneDesk, the home organizing industry, in general, is growing. It is expected to see 4% growth by 2025. What is it about custom closets that are driving their popularity? Here are four reasons why homeowners cannot get enough of this trend.

1. Affordability

Once the word got out that custom closets are affordable, the floodgate opened up, and homeowners were booking closet designers left and right. For a long time, there was a misconception about the cost of customized closets. The fact is, it can be a very affordable home upgrade. A new custom closet can fit into most budgets.

2.It Maximizes Space

Another big reason these closets are very popular is that they can maximize any space and make it more useful. Maximizing closet space has unique benefits you may not even have thought about. Of course, maximizing closet space is a great way to ensure your items are safely stored and easily accessed. One of the unexpected benefits of customizing your closet space is that it can reduce stress.

Searching for your items can be very stressful and a waste of time when they are all crammed into a small space. Maximizing your closet space reduces stress.

3. Custom Closets Add Property Value

Upgrading a closet by customizing it can add value to your home. It certainly adds value to your lifestyle. Homeowners looking for ways to make their homes stand out among the other homes for sale have found that customizing some or all the closets in the home does the trick. It is a small investment that comes with a big return. Homebuyers show more interest in homes that have custom features.

A custom closet is the perfect solution to all your storage and lifestyle needs; it is no wonder this has become a hugely popular option. It looks like the popularity of custom closets will not die soon. More homeowners are learning about the value that these customizations can deliver. Learn more about how you can get in on this popular home improvement trend. Call today to learn more.