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How to Choose a Layout For Your Custom Closet

According to Home Edit, 100 square feet is the benchmark for a roomy, walk-in closet. If you're unsure about how large your closet should be or how it should be organized, you can turn to custom closet designers. Our team can help walk you through the process and assist in designing the closet of your dreams! Choosing a layout is the first step, and working with custom closet designers makes the process as easy as can be!

Before you begin your custom closet journey, it's important to know that working with professional custom closet designers will help make the entire process go more smoothly. This is because of their expertise and experience that allows them to turn your closet dreams into reality.

Understanding Your Needs

To choose the right layout for your closet, you'll need to determine your needs first. What are your unique storage needs? If you have a purse collection, or you love collecting ties, you'll need to be sure to bring up these unique needs to your custom closet designers. Once you know the type of storage options you need to include, from multiple hanging bars, open and closed shelves, and bureaus with deep drawers, your layout will become apparent.

Identifying Your Wants

Next, create a list of must-haves and one containing "would love to have" options. This will also help your designer determine the best layout for you. Accessory items like hardware, lighting, flooring, and furniture will also affect the layout that you choose. Taking some time to browse custom closet setups online can help you get a better idea of exactly what you want.

Creating a Floor Plan

Once you have addressed all of your storage needs and wants, you'll have a better idea of how large your closet needs to be. Of course, in many instances, you will have to work with the space that's available. But, whenever possible, try to position your closet for space optimization. Opting to go from floor to ceiling is another way to maximize the space you have available. Many people enjoy having a window in their closets, while others would rather have a larger space that may not be able to accommodate a window.

Our team is here to guide you through the entire process, beginning with the selection of your custom closet layout. Give Neat Custom Closets a call today!