How to Choose a Color for Your Unique Closet Design

Did you know you can choose custom colors for your custom closet? When you have a unique closet design, you want it to be truly yours. You can choose a plain white color, of course; many people like the brightness and expanse of white because it showcases so many other colors (like those of your clothing) so well. But maybe you want your unique closet design to be truly unique. In that case, you need to choose another color.

Single Color Versus Two-Tone

First, are you going to have just one color, or do you want two, such as one for the walls and one for the baseboards and trim? Two-tone rooms have become fairly common, and they can look very nice. They do take more time to paint, though, as more preparation needs to be done. You'll often find the trim and baseboards in two-tone rooms are white, but you can choose another color. Just make sure that the combination you choose is something you'll want to look at for years. Additionally, you'll have plenty of combinations to choose from; according to Home Decor Bliss, you can find paint brands that have colors in the thousands.

Dark Versus Light

Light colors make it easier to contrast clothing in front of them. A black shirt is easier to look at when surrounded by light colors than when it's surrounded by dark colors. At the same time, dark colors can be soothing. This doesn't necessarily mean you should paint your closet black or dark brown, but a solid tan could look cozy compared to sterile white. You can try a middle color as a compromise, too, such as a darker sea blue.

Neutral Versus Bold

Do you want the color of the closet to be neutral, like beige, tan, or white? Or would you prefer a bolder choice, like a sunny yellow or grassy green? Bold colors might add more personality than neutral colors, but neutral colors won't appear to clash with some of your clothing.

When you want to have a unique closet, color is often one of the best ways to make the walls look really special. When you design your custom closet, plan to spend time choosing those colors. Get in touch with us at Neat Custom Closets today for the professional help you need!