5 Features to Consider for Your Custom Closet

A custom closet designer can help you create a closet to suit your lifestyle and storage needs. There are several elements this designer will encourage you to incorporate into your design, and they can be configured to customize any closet. Here are the five most commonly recommended features that you should incorporate into your custom closet design.

1. Hanging Rods

Hanging rods are a common feature in most closets. However, an experienced designer can install hanging rods in a way that's in line with your specific storage needs. They'll know the best length, height, and angle in order to best serve your space. Hanging rods are an essential part of the closet design because they help to keep clothes organized and wrinkle-free.

2. Shoe Racks

Keeping your shoes organized is a cinch with a custom-built shoe rack system. Such a rack allows you to easily see all your shoes, no matter how many pairs you own. According to Home Décor Bliss, a shoe rack typically can hold 16-24 pairs of shoes. This feature is a must-have for anyone that wants to keep their shoe investment organized.

3. Shelves for Accessories

Belts, hats, scarves, and other accessories deserve space in your custom closet. An easy-to-organize space for all your accessories will ensure you don't waste time shuffling around trying to find them. Talk to your closet designer about different shelving configurations for your accessory storage needs.

4. Built-In Hamper

A custom built-in hamper will ensure that when you're done wearing your clothes, you can slip them off and put them right in the hamper for laundry day. Space-saving built-in hamper designs can be outfitted in your closet seamlessly.

5. Hooks and Drawers

Hooks to hang your goods and drawers to tuck things out of the way are features you can add to your custom closet design. Hooks can make it easy to hang things that are often used, like a bathrobe. Drawers can be ideal for tucking away undergarments, socks, and other smaller items. Both can provide valuable storage space in your custom closet.

Custom closet design is a great way to affordably add a feeling of luxury to your home. Connect with us at Neat Custom Closets to get started on your dream closet.