According to House Beautiful, 21.4% of the respondents to a survey reported bedrooms as the most cluttered rooms in their homes. Custom designed closets are practical solutions to messy bedrooms, as well as other high-use areas in your home. If you want to increase the organization of your house, focus on these three areas as they can significantly benefit from the installation of custom designed closets. Custom closets are the perfect way to take your home's organization to the next level!



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According to Home Edit, 100 square feet is the benchmark for a roomy, walk-in closet. If you're unsure about how large your closet should be or how it should be organized, you can turn to custom closet designers. Our team can help walk you through the process and assist in designing the closet of your dreams! Choosing a layout is the first step, and working with custom closet designers makes the process as easy as can be!

Before you begin your custom closet journey, it's important to know that working with professional custom closet...

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If you're looking for a simple but effective way to add value to your home and simplify your organization, investing in a custom closet might just be the answer. It may sound strange at first, but custom closets are designed to make the best possible use of all available space, making them fantastic for smaller homes. They not only add value to the homeowner but can even raise the expected price of the home once it's on the market.

A custom closet has an average return on investment of between 50% and 60%, according to Angi. That...


Did you know you can choose custom colors for your custom closet? When you have a unique closet design, you want it to be truly yours. You can choose a plain white color, of course; many people like the brightness and expanse of white because it showcases so many other colors (like those of your clothing) so well. But maybe you want your unique closet design to be truly unique. In that case, you need to choose another color.

Single Color Versus Two-Tone

First, are you going to have just one...


A custom closet designer can help you create a closet to suit your lifestyle and storage needs. There are several elements this designer will encourage you to incorporate into your design, and they can be configured to customize any closet. Here are the five most commonly recommended features that you should incorporate into your custom closet design.

1. Hanging Rods

Hanging rods are a common feature in most closets. However, an experienced designer can install hanging rods in a way that's in line with your specific...

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Custom closets are very popular. More homeowners are enlisting the help of a custom closet business to improve their closets. According to OneDesk, the home organizing industry, in general, is growing. It is expected to see 4% growth by 2025. What is it about custom closets that are driving their popularity? Here are four reasons why homeowners cannot get enough of this trend.

1. Affordability

Once the word got out that custom closets are affordable, the floodgate opened up, and homeowners were booking closet designers left...

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Do you want a more stress-free and uncluttered existence? Closets can often become overstuffed and disorganized over time. According to Onedesk, over half of American women (57%) said that they suffer from issues around organizing their closets. Instead of picking out an item from the closet easily, they are faced with desperately searching for the item they need, which adds to their overall stress levels. This is why overcoming the clutter is so crucial.

One way to overcome the clutter is by finding a new way to organize through a...


Dealing with a cluttered closet is always a hassle, especially when you're trying to find the right item for your wardrobe. Shouldn't it be easier and take less time to find the right piece of clothing in your closet? In theory, yes. But many people find that their issue with decluttering has less to do with the space allocated, and more to do with a lack of organization. If your life is like a mad rush most of the time, your closet will likely not get the attention it deserves.

Maybe it's time to outreach your inadequacies! Find the right custom closet to boost your organization,...

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